Spring Is Here 

Sliding glass door and window maintenance can extend the life of your doors and windows if handled properly. For your sliding glass doors and windows we recommend the following,

Dirt dust and pet hair can impair operation, vacuum out tracks and lubricate with silicone spray such as liquid wrench or lock tight. Avoid any petroleum oil based products. After completing this maintenance on your sliding glass door and you notice any noise or the door is not gliding smoothly new rollers may be needed.

Do not power wash windows. High pressure water can deteriorate seals and cause damage to insulated glass, and adhesion of sealants. Instead we recommend the outside just be washed with warm water and Dawn soap using a squeegee. For the insides and all of your other glass we recommend that you use a glass cleaning product that does not have ammonia such as Sprayway.

For new window or door rollers, screen doors, insulated glass replacement or other maintenance tips call Acme Glass  775-507-4099