The Acme Glass Team recently met with Carlos Picoy, General Manager of the Nevada Branch of La Masia Window and door Systems. We are proud to announce our new partnership. We will be taken on as the primary installation contractor in the Northern Nevada Region. This is a new product to the region that far exceeds the quality of any other. This product is designed specifically to fulfill all of the expectations of the most prestigious custom home builders.

La Masia offers industry-leading performance. The performance values of their domestic Windows and Doors places them in an entirely different class than the current market of domestic windows. Consider Energy Star windows, for example. An Energy Star compliant U-value is typically 0.3 (the lower the u-value, the better the performance). La Maisa’s best window, the 4600 Lift and slide HI system, boasts a U-value of 0.16, insulating more than two times better than an Energy Star window. Even their most economical window, 4200 Sliding system has a U-value of .026, exceeding Energy Star by more than 10%. La Masia’s Classic (dual glazed) lines out perform most domestic triple glazed windows while being clearer (high visibility light transmittance), more economical, and offering more design flexibility. La Masia’s Thermal (triple glazed) lines boosts energy efficiency by wide margins, creating balanced draft-free comfort. Take a look at the performance values and consider how they can partner with you to achieve your design goals.

Lift and slide systems with virtually effortless operation gives their product the tightest seals available.

La Masia’s Tilt & Turn windows use only the finest German muti-point hardware sets available to ensure a smooth and effortless operation. These windows can both swing in and tilt in with a simple turn of their ergonomic handle. European designs often use Tilt & Turn windows for additional ventilation access.

Tilt & Turn windows can be very large, with each sash up to five and a half feet wide. All of La Masia’s Tilt & Turn windows have a multi point locking mechanism providing safety and superb air sealing.

Integrated Rolling Shutter system option. By incorporating shutter box to headrail and tracking into frame. Creating complete unit, window and shutter all in one. By adding shutter assembly, La Masia gets a true black out application. Offered in a variety of options security and privacy or protection form the elements they have you covered.

Some of their door products just to name a few are, Cor-vision plus, Bi-fold system, Lift & slide system, Slidng system. There are literally no limits as to what this company can design for you.

We are truly excited about this product, it is the stuff that Glazing contractors nerd out about. We do our best to always promote Local and American made products, in this case there is just no other product that can compare to the attention and care to quality and design that this product brings to our market.

If you are interested in obtaining more information please contact:

Sheila Wood – Owner           or                   Carlos Picoy – General Manager

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