We have all hired a contractor or handyman at some point. They come into our homes, the plumber, heat and air, appliance repair or just the casual do you know “someone” person.
Ray recently completed our LEAD safety recertification required jointly by the EPA and Hud.
The Department of transportation, Environmental Protection agency and HUD require certification courses specific to some contractor’s licenses. The type of licensing and the insurance carrier determine the different training that employees within the company must complete.
These five bullet points are considered by Ray to be the top concerns for Lead safety and by listing them we hope to encourage our customers to research this topic.
1. Lead based paint was banned in 1978.
2. Children and pets are three to five times more susceptible to lead exposure and contamination.
3. Play and garden areas have a higher risk of contamination.
4. Be aware of old antique furniture in your home.
5. Follow correct disposal procedures for any potentially contaminated items.
The lead safety recertification course reminded me that we must all be smart consumers and keep health and safety a priority. Here are the main questions I feel myself and my customers should be asking when hiring someone to complete a project large or small.
1. Research your project to learn about what may be or could potentially be a hazardous situation and what licensing or training is necessary to complete your project.
2. Is the company or individual properly licensed with the state, county and city that you live in, can they provide this information if requested? Has the individual or company completed necessary safety courses, and can they provide certificates if asked?
3. Does the individual or company carry adequate insurance?
4. You may want to go as far as asking for references if you or someone you know has not worked with the individual or company before.

I urge all our customers to do their research. As a consumers it is our responsibility to be informed.
If you would like more information on this topic here is a link to a website that is an official EPA US government website.
If you are planning a project that we could help you with and you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We promise to always provide service with integrity
Sheila Wood / Owner Acme Glass LLC